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1920 Occupation Codes
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This page presents the 1920 census occupational classification system recorded in the IPUMS variable OCC. The page shows each occupation category and its corresponding OCC code. The occupations are grouped into several large industrial groupings (e.g., agriculture). In addition to this contemporary system, the IPUMS codes all census years into the 1950 occupation classification scheme, recording them in the variable OCC1950. The OCC1950 classification has corresponding income and status measures recorded in the variables SEI and OCCSCORE.



       Dairy farmers, farmers, and stock raisers:
002     Dairy farmers
000     Farmers, general farms
004     Farmers, turpentine farms
006     Stock raisers
       Dairy farm, farm, and stock farm laborers:
008     Dairy farm laborers
010     Farm laborers, home farm
012     Farm laborers, working out
014     Farm laborers, turpentine farms
016     Stock herders, drovers, and feeders
       Dairy farm, farm, garden, orchard, etc., foremen:
018     Dairy farm foremen
020     Dairy foremen, general farms
022     Farm foremen, turpentine farms
024     Farm foremen, stock farms
026     Garden and greenhouse foremen
028     Orchard, nursery, etc., foremen
030     Fishermen and oystermen
032     Foresters, forest rangers, and timber cruisers
       Gardeners, florists, fruit growers, and nurserymen:
034     Florists
036     Fruit growers
038     Gardeners
040     Landscape gardeners
042     Nurserymen
       Garden, greenhouse, orchard, and nursery laborers:
044     Cranberry bog laborers
046     Garden laborers
048     Greenhouse laborers
050     Orchard and nursery laborers
       Lumbermen, raftsmen, and woodchoppers:
052     Foremen and overseers
054     Inspectors, scalers, and surveyors
056     Teamsters and haulers
058     Other lumbermen, raftsmen, and woodchoppers
       Owners and managers of log and timber camps:
060     Managers and officials
062     Owners and proprietors
       Other agricultural and animal husbandry pursuits:
063     Apiarists
064     Corn shellers, hay balers, grain threshers, etc.
065     Ditchers, farm
066     Irrigators and ditch tenders
067     Poultry raisers
068     Poultry yard laborers
069     Other and not specified pursuits 


       Foremen, overseers, and inspectors:
070     Foremen and overseers
072     Inspectors
       Operators, officials and managers:
074     Managers
076     Officials
078     Operators
080     Coal mine operatives
082     Copper mine operatives
084     Gold and silver mine operatives
086     Iron mine operatives
       Operatives in other and not specified mines:
088     Lead and zinc mine operatives
090     Mine operatives, n.e.c.
092     Mine operatives, n.s.
094     Quarry operatives
       Oil, gas and salt well operatives:
096     Oil and gas well operatives
098     Salt well and works operatives 


       Apprentices to building and hand trades:
100     Blacksmiths' apprentices
102     Boiler makers' apprentices
104     Cabinetmakers' apprentices
106     Carpenters' apprentices
108     Coopers' apprentices
110     Electricians' apprentices
112     Machinists' apprentices
114     Masons' apprentices
116     Painters', glaziers', and varnishers' apprentices
118     Paper hangers' apprentices
120     Plasterers' apprentices
122     Plumbers' apprentices
124     Roofers' and slaters' apprentices
126     Tinsmiths' and coppersmiths' apprentices
       Apprentices to dressmakers and milliners:
127     Dressmakers' apprentices
128     Milliners' apprentices
       Apprentices, other:
129     Architects', designers', and draftsmen's apprentices
130     Jewelers', watchmakers', goldsmiths'and silversmiths' apprentices
131     Printers' and bookbinders' apprentices
132     Other apprentices
134 Bakers
       Blacksmiths, forgemen, and hammermen:
136     Blacksmiths
138     Forgemen, hammermen, and welders
140     Boiler makers
142     Brick and stone masons
144     Builders and building contractors
146     Cabinetmakers
148     Carpenters
150     Compositors, linotypers, and typesetters
152     Coopers
154 Dressmakers and seamstresses, not in factory
156 Dyers
158 Electricians
       Electrotypers, stereotypers, and lithographers:
160     Electrotypers and stereotypers
162     Lithographers
       Engineers (stationary), cranemen, hoistmen, etc.:
164     Engineers--stationary
166     Cranemen, derrickmen, hoistmen, etc.
168 Engravers
       Filers, grinders, buffers, and polishers--metal:
170     Buffers and polishers
172     Filers
174     Grinders
176 Firemen, except locomotive and fire department
178 Foremen and overseers, manufacturing
       Furnace men, smelter men, heaters, pourers, etc.:
180     Furnace men and smelter men
182     Heaters
184     Ladlers and pourers
186     Puddlers
188 Glass blowers
       Jewelers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, and silversmiths:
190     Goldsmiths and silversmiths
192     Jewelers and lapidaries, factory
194     Jewelers and watchmakers, not in factory
       Laborers, not otherwise specified:
196     Laborers, building, general, and not specified
       Laborers, chemical and allied industries:
198     Fertilizer factories
200     Paint and varnish factories
202     Powder, cartridge, dynamite, fuse, and fireworks factories
204     Soap factories
206     Other chemical factories
208 Laborers, cigar and tobacco factories
       Laborers, clay, glass, and stone industries:
210     Brick, tile, and terra-cotta factories
212     Glass factories
214     Lime, cement, and artificial stone factories
216     Marble and stone yards
218     Potteries
       Laborers, clothing industries:
220     Corset factories
222     Glove factories
224     Hat factories--felt
226     Shirt, collar, and cuff factories
228     Suit, coat, cloak, and overall factories
230     Other clothing factories
       Laborers, food industries:
232     Bakeries
234     Butter, cheese, and condensed milk factories
236     Candy factories
238     Fish curing and packing
240     Flour and grain mills
242     Fruit and vegetable canning, etc.
244     Slaughter and packing houses
246     Sugar factories and refineries
248     Other food factories
250 Laborers, harness and saddle industries
252 Laborers, helpers in building and hand trades
       Laborers, iron and steel industries:
254     Agricultural implement factories
256     Automobile factories
258     Blast furnaces and steel rolling mills (includes tin-plate mills)
260     Car and railroad shops
262     Ship and boat building
264     Wagon and carriage factories
266     Other iron and steel factories (includes iron foundries)
268     Metal industries, n.s.
       Laborers, other metal industries:
270     Brass mills
272     Clock and watch factories
274     Copper factories
276     Gold and silver factories
278     Jewelry factories
280     Lead and zinc factories
282     Tinware, enamel-ware, etc., factories
284     Other metal factories
       Laborers, lumber and furniture industries:
286     Furniture factories
288     Piano and organ factories
290     Saw and planing mills (includes wood box factories)
292     Other woodworking factories
294     Laborers, paper and pulp mills
       Laborers, printing and publishing
296     Blank book, envelopes, tag, paper bag, etc., factories
298     Printing, publishing, and engraving
300 Laborers, shoe factories
302 Laborers, tanneries
       Laborers, textile industries:
304     Carpet mills
306     Cotton mills
308     Knitting mills
310     Lace and embroidery mills
312     Silk mills
314     Textile dyeing, finishing, and printing mills
316     Woolen and worsted mills
318     Hemp and jute mills
320     Linen mills
322     Rope and cordage factories
324     Sail, awning, and tent factories
326     Textile mills, n.s.
       Laborers, other industries:
328     Broom and brush factories
330     Button factories
332     Charcoal and coke works
334     Electric light and power plants
336     Electrical supply factories
338     Gas works
340     Leather belt, leather case, etc., factories
342     Liquor and beverage industries
344     Paper box factories
346     Petroleum refineries
348     Rubber factories
350     Straw factories
352     Trunk factories
354     Turpentine distilleries
356     Other miscellaneous industries
358     Other industries, n.s.
360 Loom fixers
       Machinists, millwrights, and toolmakers:
362     Machinists
364     Millwrights
366     Toolmakers and die setters and sinkers
368 Managers and superintendents--manufacturing
       Manufacturers and officials:
370     Manufacturers
372     Officials
       Mechanics, not otherwise specified
374     Gunsmiths, locksmiths, bellhangers
376     Wheelwrights
378     Other mechanics
380 Millers--grain, flour, feed, etc.
382 Milliners and millinery dealers
       Molders, formers, and casters--metal:
384     Brass molders, founders, and casters
386     Iron molders, founders, and casters
388 Other molders, founders, and casters
390 Oilers of machinery
       Painters, glaziers, varnishers, enamelers, etc.:
392     Enamelers, lacquerers, and japanners
394     Painters, glaziers, and varnishers--building
396     Painters, glaziers, and varnishers--factory
398 Paper hangers
400 Pattern and model makers
       Plasterers and cement finishers:
402     Cement finishers
404     Plasterers
406 Plumbers and gas and steam fitters
408 Pressmen and plate printers--printing
410 Rollers and roll hands--metal
412 Roofers and slaters
414 Sawyers
       Semiskilled operatives, clerical and allied industries:
416     Fertilizer factories
418     Paint and varnish factories
420     Powder, cartridge, dynamite, fuse, and fireworks factories
422     Soap factories
424     Other chemical factories
426 Semiskilled operatives, cigar and tobacco factories
       Semiskilled operatives, clay, glass, and stone industries:
428     Brick, tile, and terra-cotta factories
430     Glass factories
432     Lime, cement, and artificial stone factories,
434     Marble and stone yards
436 Potteries
       Semiskilled operatives, clothing industries:
438     Corset factories
440     Glove factories
442     Hat factories--felt
444     Shirt, collar, and cuff factories
446     Suit, coat, cloak, and overall factories
448     Other clothing factories
       Semiskilled operatives, food industries:
450     Bakeries
452     Butter, cheese, and condensed milk factories
454     Candy factories
456     Fish curing and packing
458     Flour and grain mills
460     Fruit and vegetable canning, etc.
462     Slaughter and packing houses
464     Sugar factories and refineries
465     Other food factories
468 Semiskilled operatives, harness and saddle industries
       Semiskilled operatives, iron and steel industries:
470     Agricultural implement factories
472     Automobile factories
474     Blast furnaces and steel rolling mills (includes tin-plate factories)
476     Car and railroad shops
478     Ship and boat building
480     Wagon and carriage factories
482     Other iron and steel factories (includes iron foundries)
484     Metal industries, n.s.
       Semiskilled operatives, other metal industries:
486     Brass mills
488     Clock and watch factories
490     Copper factories
492     Gold and silver factories
494     Jewelry factories
496     Lead and zinc factories
498     Tinware, enamel-ware, etc., factories
500     Other metal factories
       Semiskilled operatives, lumber and furniture industries:
502     Furniture factories
504     Piano and organ factories
506     Saw and planning mills (includes "box factories-wood")
508     Other woodworking factories
510 Semiskilled operatives, paper and pulp mills
       Semiskilled operatives, printing and publishing:
512     Blank book, envelope, tag, paper bag, etc., factories
514     Printing, publishing, and engraving
516 Semiskilled operatives, shoe factories
518 Semiskilled operatives, tanneries
       Semiskilled operatives, textile industries:
520     Carpet mills
522     Cotton mills
524     Knitting mills
526     Lace and embroidery mills
528     Silk mills
530     Textile dyeing, finishing, and printing mills
532     Woolen and worsted mills
534     Hemp and jute mills
536     Linen mills
538     Rope and cordage factories
540     Sail, awning, and tent factories
542     Textile mills, n.s.
       Semiskilled operatives, other industries:
544     Broom and brush factories
546     Building and hand trades
548     Button factories
550     Charcoal and coke works
552     Electric light and power plants
554     Electrical supply factories
556     Gas works
558     Leather belt, leather case, etc. factories
560     Liquor and beverage industries
562     Paper bow factories
564     Petroleum refineries
566     Rubber factories
568     Straw factories
570     Trunk factories
572     Turpentine distilleries
574     Other miscellaneous industries
576     Other industries, n.s.
578 Shoemakers and cobblers, not in factory
       Skilled occupations, not otherwise specified:
580     Annealers and temperers--metal
582     Piano and organ tuners
584     Wood carvers
586     Other skilled occupations
588 Stonecutters
590 Structural iron workers--building
592 Tailors and tailoresses
       Tinsmiths and coppersmiths:
594     Coppersmiths
596     Tinsmiths and sheet metal workers
598 Upholsterers 


       Water transportation, selected occupations:
600     Boatmen, canalmen, and lock keepers
602     Captains, masters, mates, and pilots
604     Longshoremen and stevedores
606     Sailors and deckhands
       Road and street transportation, selected occupations:
608     Carriage and hack drivers
610     Chauffeurs
612     Draymen, teamsters, and expressmen, n.e.c.1
614     Foremen of livery and transfer companies
616     Garage keepers and managers
618     Hostlers and stable hands
       Laborers--garage, road, and street:
620     Garage
621     Road and street building and repairing
622     Street cleaning
624     Livery stable keepers and managers
626     Proprietors and managers of transfer companies
       Railroad transportation, selected occupations:
           Baggagemen and freight agents:
628           Baggagemen
629           Freight agents
630     Boiler washers and engine hostlers
632     Brakemen
634     Conductors--steam railroad
636     Conductors--street railroad
           Foremen and overseers:
638           Steam railroad
639           Street railroad
640           Steam railroad
642           Street railroad
644      Locomotive engineers
646      Locomotive firemen
648           Steam railroad
649           Street railroad
           Officials and superintendents:
650           Steam railroad
652           Street railroad
           Switchmen, flagmen, and yardmen:
654           Switchmen and flagmen --steam railroad
655           Switchmen and flagmen--street railroad
656     Yardmen--steam railroad
658     Ticket and station agents
       Express, post, telegraph, and telephone, selected occupations:
660     Agents--express companies
           Express messengers and railway mail clerks:
662           Express messengers
664           Railway mail clerks
666           Mail carriers
668     Telegraph and telephone linemen
670     Telegraph messengers
672     Telegraph operators
674     Telephone operators
       Other transportation pursuits: oremen and overseers, not otherwise specified:
676     Road and street building and repairing
677     Telegraph and telephone
678     Water transportation
679     Other transportation
680     Steam railroad
681     Street railroad
682     Telegraph and telephone
683     Other transportation
       Laborers, not otherwise specified:
685     Express companies
686     Pine-lines
687     Telegraph and telephone
688     Water transportation
689     Other transportation
       Proprietors, officials, and messengers,not otherwise specified:
690     Telegraph and telephone
691     Other transportation
       Other occupations, semi-skilled:
693     Road and street building and repairing
694           Steam railroad
695           Street railroad
696     Telegraph and telephone
697     Water transportation
699     Other transportation 


       Bankers, brokers, and money lenders:
700     Bankers and bank officials
701     Commercial brokers and commission men
702     Loan brokers and loan company officials
703     Pawnbrokers
704     Stockbrokers
705 Brokers not specified and promoters
707 Clerks in stores
708 Commercial travelers
709 Decorators, drapers, and window dressers
710     Bakeries and laundries
711     Stores
       Floorwalkers, foremen, and overseers:
713     Floorwalkers and foremen in stores
714     Foremen--warehouses, stockyards, etc.
716 Inspectors, gaugers, and samplers
       Insurance agents and officials:
718     Insurance agents
719     Officials of insurance companies
       Laborers in coal and lumber yards, warehouses, etc.:
720     Coal yards
721     Elevators
722     Lumberyards
723     Stockyards
724     Warehouses
726 Laborers, porters, and helpers in stores
728 Newsboys
       Proprietors, officials, and managers, not otherwise specified:
730     Employment office keepers
731     Proprietors, etc., elevators
732     Proprietors, etc., warehouses
733     Other proprietors, officials, and managers
735     Real estate agents and officials
       Retail dealers:
737     Agricultural implements and wagons
738     Art stores and artists' materials
739     Automobiles and accessories
740     Bicycles
741     Books
742     Boots and shoes
743     Butchers and meat dealers
744     Buyers and shippers of grain
745     Buyers and shippers of live stock
746     Buyers and shippers of other farm produce
747     Candy and confectionery
748     Cigars and tobacco
749     Carpets and rugs
750     Clothing and men's furnishings
751     Coal and wood
752     Coffee and tea
753     Crockery, glassware, and queensware
754     Curios, antiques, and novelties
755     Delicatessen stores
756     Department stores
757     Drugs and medicines, including druggists and pharmacists
758     Dry goods, fancy goods, and notions
759     Five and ten cent and variety stores
760     Florists--dealers
761     Flour and feed
762     Fruit
763     Furniture
764     Furs
765     Gas fixtures and electrical supplies
766     General stores
767     Groceries
768     Hardware, stoves, and cutlery
769     Harness and saddlery
770     Hucksters and peddlers
771     Ice
772     Jewelry
773     Junk
774     Leather and hides
776     Lumber
777     Milk
778     Music and musical instruments
779     Newsdealers
780     Oil, paint, and wall paper
781     Opticians
782     Produce and provisions
783     Rags
784     Stationery
785     Retail dealers, n.e.c.
786     Retail dealers, n..s.
       Salesmen and saleswomen:
788     Auctioneers
789     Demonstrators
790     Sales agents
791     Salesmen and saleswomen--stores
793     Undertakers
795     Wholesale dealers, importers, and exporters
       Other pursuits, semi-skilled:
796     Fruit graders and packers
797     Meat cutters
798     Packers, wholesale and retail trade
799     Other occupations 


800 Firemen--fire department
802 Guards, watchmen, and doorkeepers
       Laborers--public service:
804     Garbage men and scavengers
805     Other laborers
       Marshals, sheriffs, detectives, etc.:
807     Detectives
809     Marshals and constables
810     Probation and truant officers
812     Sheriffs
       Officials and inspectors--city and county:
814     Officials and inspectors--city
815     Officials and inspectors--county
       Officials and inspectors--state and UnitedStates:
817     Officials and inspectors--state
818     Postmasters
819     Other United States officials
820     Policemen
822     Soldiers, sailors, and marines
       Other pursuits:
824     Life-savers
825     Lighthouse keepers
826     Other occupations 


       Actors and showmen:
828     Actors
829     Showmen
830     Architects
832     Artists, sculptors, and teachers of art
       Authors, editors, and reporters:
834     Authors
835     Editors and reporters
837 Chemists, assayers, and metallurgists
839 Clergymen
840 College presidents and professors
842 Dentists
       Designers, drafters, and inventors:
844     Designers
846     Draftsmen
848     Inventors
850 Lawyers, judges, and justices
852 Musicians and teachers of music
854 Osteopaths
856 Photographers
858 Physicians and surgeons
860     Teachers--athletics, dancing, etc.
862     Teachers--school
       Technical engineers:
864     Civil engineers and surveyors
866     Electrical engineers
868     Mechanical engineers and technical engineers, n.e.c.
870     Mining engineers
872 Trained nurses
874 Veterinary surgeons
       Other professional pursuits:
876     Aeronauts
878     Librarians
880     Other occupations
       Semiprofessional pursuits
882     Abstractors, notaries, and justices of peace
883     Fortune tellers, hypnotists, spiritualists, etc.
884     Healers, except osteopaths and physicians and surgeons
885     Keepers of charitable and penal institutions
886     Keepers of pleasure resorts, race tracks, etc.
887     Officials of lodges, societies, etc.
888     Religious, charity, and welfare workers
889     Theatrical owners, managers, and officials
890     Turfmen and sportsmen
89l     Other occupations
       Attendants and helpers--professional service
893     Dentists' assistants and apprentices
894     Librarians' assistants and attendants
895     Physicians' and surgeons' attendants
896     Stage hands and circus helpers
897     Theater ushers
899     Other attendants and helpers 


900 Barbers, hairdressers, and manicurists
       Billiard room, dance hall, skating rink, etc., keepers:
902     Billiard and pool room keepers
904     Dance hall, skating rink, etc., keepers
906 Boarding and lodging house keepers
908 Bootblacks
910 Charwomen and cleaners
912 Elevator tenders
914 Hotel keepers and managers
916 Housekeepers and stewards
918 Janitors and sextons
920 Laborers--domestic and professional service
922 Launderers and laundresses--not in laundry
       Laundry operatives:
924     Foremen and overseers
926     Laborers
928     Other operatives
       Laundry owners, officials, and managers:
930     Managers and officials
932     Owners and proprietors
       Midwives and nurses, not trained:
934     Midwives
936     Nurses, not trained
       Porters, except in stores:
938     Porters, domestic and professional service
940     Porters--steam railroad
942     Other porters, except in stores
944 Restaurant, cafe, and lunch room keepers
946     Bell boys, chore boys, etc.
948     Butlers
950     Chambermaids
952     Coachmen and footmen
954     Cooks
956     Ladies' maids, valets, etc.
958     Nurse maids
960     Other servants
962     Waiters
       Other pursuits:
964     Bartenders
966     Bathhouse keepers and attendants
968     Cemetery keepers
970     Cleaners and renovators--clothing, etc.
972     Hunters, trappers and guides
974     Saloon keepers
976     Umbrella menders and scissors grinders
978     Other occupations 


       Agents, canvassers, and collectors:
980     Agents
982     Canvassers
984     Collectors
       Bookkeepers, cashiers, and accountants:
986     Accountants and auditors
988     Bookkeepers and cashiers
       Clerks--except clerks in stores:
990     Shipping clerks
992     Weighers
994     Other clerks
       Messenger, bundle, and office boys--except telegraph messengers:
996     Bundle and cash boys and girls
997     Messenger, errand, and office boys
999     Stenographers and typewriters
1  Teamsters in agriculture, forestry, and the extraction of minerals are classified with the other workers in those industries, respectively; and drivers for bakeries and laundries are classified with deliverymen in trade.

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