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1910 Occupation Codes
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This page presents the 1910 census occupational classification system recorded in the IPUMS variable OCC. The page shows each occupation category and its corresponding OCC code. The occupations are grouped into several large industrial groupings (e.g., agriculture). In addition to this contemporary system, the IPUMS codes all census years into the 1950 occupation classification scheme, recording them in the variable OCC1950. The OCC1950 classification has corresponding income and status measures recorded in the variables SEI and OCCSCORE.



000 Non-gainful occupation
001 Identified housework
002 Prisoners
003 Ration Indians 


010 Dairy farmers
012 Dairy farm laborers
014 Farmers (includes turpentine farmers)
       Farm laborers:
021     Farm laborers--home farm
022     Farm laborers--working out
023     Turpentine farm laborers
       Farm, dairy farm, garden, orchard, etc., foremen:
025     Dairy farm foremen
026     Farm foremen (includes turpentine farm foremen)
027     Garden and greenhouse foremen
028     Orchard, nursery, etc., foremen
033 Fishermen and oystermen
035 Foresters
       Gardeners, florists, fruit growers, and nurserymen:
042     Florists
043     Fruit growers and nurserymen
044     Gardeners
045     Landscape gardeners
       Garden, greenhouse, orchard, and nursery laborers:
054     Cranberry bog laborers
055     Garden laborers
056     Greenhouse laborers
057     Orchard and nursery laborers
       Lumbermen, raftsmen, and woodchoppers:
065     Foremen and overseers
066     Lumbermen and raftsmen
067     Teamsters and haulers
068     Woodchoppers and tie cutters
075 Owners and managers of log and timber camps
077 Stock herders, drovers, and feeders
079 Stock raisers
       Other agricultural and animal husbandry pursuits:
085     Apiarists
086     Corn shellers, hay balers, grain threshers, etc.
087     Ditchers--farm
088     Poultry raisers and poultry yard laborers
089     Other and not specified pursuits 


      Foremen, overseers, and inspectors:
100     Foremen and overseers
101     Inspectors
      Operators, officials, and managers:
110     Managers
111     Officials
112     Operators
122 Coal mine operatives
133 Copper mine operatives
144 Gold and silver mine operatives
155 Iron mine operatives
       Operatives in other and not specified mines:
166     Lead and zinc mine operatives
167     All other mine operatives
177 Quarry operatives
       Oil, gas, and salt well operatives:
188     Oil and gas well operatives
189     Salt well and works operatives 


200     Apprentices to building and hand trades
201     Dressmakersí and millinersí apprentices
202     Other apprentices
210 Bakers
       Blacksmiths, forgemen, and hammermen:
211     Blacksmiths
212     Forgemen, hammermen, and welders
213 Boiler makers
214 Brick and stone masons
215 Builders and building contractors
216 Butchers and dressers--slaughterhouse
217 Cabinetmakers
218 Carpenters
219 Compositors, linotypers, and typesetters
220 Coopers
221 Dressmakers and seamstresses---not in factory
222 Dyers
223 Electricians and electrical engineers
       Electrotypers, stereotypers, and lithographers:
224     Electrotypers and stereotypers
225     Lithographers
226 Engineers--mechanical
227 Engineers--stationary
228 Engravers
       Filers, grinders, buffers, and polishers --metal:
230     Buffers and polishers
231     Filers
232     Grinders
233 Firemen, except locomotive and fire department
234 Foremen and overseers--manufacturing
       Furnace men, smelter men, heaters, pourers, etc.:
235     Furnace men and smelter men
236     Heaters
237     Ladlers and pourers
238     Puddlers
239 Glass blowers
       Jewelers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, and silversmiths:
240     Goldsmiths and silversmiths
241     Jewelers and lapidaries--factory
242     Jewelers and watchmakers--not in factory 

Laborers, not otherwise specified:
       Laborers, building and hand trades:
243     General and not specified laborers
244     Helpers in building and hand trades
       Laborers, chemical industries:
245     Fertilizer factories
246     Paint factories
247     Powder, cartridge, fireworks, etc., factories
248     Other chemical factories
       Laborers, clay, glass, and stone industries:
250     Brick, tile, and terra-cotta factories
251     Glass factories
252     Lime, cement, and gypsum factories
253     Marble and stone yards
254     Potteries
       Laborers, iron and steel industries:
255     Automobile factories
256     Blast furnaces and rolling mills (includes turpentine mills)
257     Car and railroad shops
258     Wagon and carriage factories
259     Other iron and steel works
       Laborers, other metal industries:
263     Brass mills
264     Copper factories
265     Lead and zinc factories
266     Tinware and enamelware factories
267     Other metal factories
       Laborers, lumber and furniture industries:
270     Furniture, piano, and organ factories
271     Saw and planing mills (includes wooden box factories)
272     Other woodworking factories
       Laborers, textile industries:
275     Cotton mills
276     Silk mills
277     Woolen and worsted mills
278     Other textile mills
       Laborers, other industries:
280     Charcoal and coke works
281     Cigar and tobacco factories
282     Clothing industries
283     Electric light and power plants
284     Electrical supply factories
       Food industries:
290     Bakeries
291     Butter and cheese factories
292     Fish curing and packing
293     Flour and grain mills
294     Fruit and vegetable canning, etc.
295     Slaughter and packing houses
296     Sugar factories and refineries
297     Other food factories
300 Gas works
301 Liquor and beverage industries
302 Oil refineries
303 Paper and pulp mills
304 Printing and publishing
305 Rubber factories
306 Shoe factories
307 Tanneries
308 Turpentine distilleries
309 Other factories
310 Loom fixers
       Machinists, millwrights, and toolmakers:
311    Machinists and millwrights
312    Toolmakers and die setters and sinkers
313    Managers and superintendents --manufacturing
       Manufacturers and officials:
314    Manufacturers
315    Officials
       Mechanics, not otherwise specified:
316     Gunsmiths, locksmiths, and bellhangers
317     Wheelwrights
318     Other mechanics
320 Millers--grain, flour, feed, etc.
321 Milliners and millinery dealers
       Molders, founders and casters--metal:
322     Brass molders, founders, and casters
323     Iron molders, founders, and casters
324     Other molders, founders, and casters
326 Oilers of machinery
       Painters, glaziers, varnishes, enamelers, etc.:
327     Enamelers, lacquerers, and japanners
328     Painters, glaziers, and varnishers--building
329     Painters, glaziers, and varnishers--factory
330 Paper hangers
331 Pattern and model makers
332 Plasterers
333 Plumbers and gas and steam fitters
334 Pressmen--printing
335 Rollers and roll hands--metal
336 Roofers and slaters
337 Sawyers
Semi-skilled operatives, not otherwise specified:
       Semi-skilled operatives, chemical industries:
340     Paint factories
341     Powder, cartridge, fireworks, etc.--factories
342     Other chemical factories
344 Semi-skilled operatives, cigar and tobacco factories
       Semi-skilled operatives, clay, glass, and stone industries:
345     Brick, tile, and terra-cotta factories
346     Glass factories
347     Lime, cement, and gypsum factories
348     Marble and stone yards
349     Potteries
       Semi-skilled operatives, clothing industries:
355     Hat factories--felt
356     Suit, coat, cloak, and overall factories
357     Other clothing factories
       Semi-skilled operatives--food industries:
360     Bakeries
361     Butter and cheese factories
362     Candy factories
363     Flour and grain mills
364     Fruit and vegetable canning, etc.
365     Slaughter and packing houses
366     Other food factories
369 Semi-skilled operatives--harness and saddle industries
       Semi-skilled operatives--iron and steel industries:
370     Automobile factories
371     Blast furnaces and rolling mills (includes tinplate mills)
372     Car and railroad shops (includes car repairers for street and steam railroads)
373     Wagon and carriage factories
374     Other iron and steel works
       Semi-skilled operatives--other metal industries:
380     Brass mills
381     Clock and watch factories
382     Gold and silver and jewelry factories
383     Lead and zinc factories
384     Tinware and enamelware factories
385     Other metal factories
       Semi-skilled operatives--liquor and beverage industries:
390     Breweries
391     Distilleries
392     Other liquor and beverage factories
       Semi-skilled operatives--lumber and furniture industries:
394     Furniture, piano, and organ factories
395     Saw and planing mills (includes wooden box factories)
396     Other woodworking factories
400 Semi-skilled operatives--paper and pulp mills
401 Semi-skilled operatives--printing and publishing
402 Semi-skilled operatives--shoe factories
403 Semi-skilled operatives--tanneries
       Semi-skilled operatives--textile industries:
           Beamers, warpers, and slashers:
405         Cotton mills
406         Silk mills
407         Woolen and worsted mills
408         Other textile mills
           Bobbin boys, doffers, and carriers:
410         Cotton mills
411         Silk mills
412         Woolen and worsted mills
413         Other textile mills
           Carders, combers, and lappers:
415         Cotton mills
416         Silk mills
417         Woolen and worsted mills
418         Other textile mills
           Drawers, rovers, and twisters:
420         Cotton mills
421         Silk mills
422         Woolen and worsted mills
423         Other textile mills
425         Cotton mills
426         Silk mills
427         Woolen and worsted mills
428         Other textile mills
430         Cotton mills
431         Silk mills
432         Woolen and worsted mills
433         Other textile mills
           Winders, reelers, and spoolers:
435         Cotton mills
436         Silk mills
437         Woolen and worsted mills
438         Other textile mills
           Other occupations:
440         Cotton mills
441         Silk mills
442         Woolen and worsted mills
443         Other textile mills
       Semi-skilled operatives--other industries:
460     Electrical supply factories
461     Paper box factories
462     Rubber factories
463     Other factories
470 Sewers and sewing machine operators --factory (except shoe and harness factories, and except sack sewers in fertilizer, salt, and sugar factories and in cement, flour, and grain mills)
471 Shoemakers and cobblers--not in factory
       Skilled occupations, not otherwise specified:
472     Annealers and temperers--metal
473     Piano and organ tuners
474     Wood carvers
475    Other skilled occupations
480 Stonecutters
481 Structural iron workers--building
482 Tailors and tailoresses
       Tinsmiths and coppersmiths:
483     Coppersmiths
484     Tinsmiths
485 Upholsterers 


       Water transportation, selected occupations:
500     Boatmen, canal men, and lock keepers
502     Captains, masters, mates, and pilots
504     Longshoremen and stevedores
506     Sailors and deck hands
       Road and street transportation, selected occupations:
508     Carriage and hack drivers
510     Chauffeurs
512     Draymen, teamsters, and expressmen, n.e.c.1
514     Foremen of livery and transfer companies
516     Garage keepers and managers
518     Hostlers and stable hands
520     Livery stable keepers and managers
522     Proprietors and managers of transfer companies
       Railroad transportation, selected occupations:
           Baggagemen and freight agents:
524         Baggagemen
525         Freight agents
527         Boiler washers and engine hostlers
529         Brakemen
530         Conductors--steam railroad
532         Conductors--street railroad
534         Foremen and overseers
536         Steam railroad
537         Street railroad
539         Locomotive engineers
540         Locomotive firemen
542         Motormen
       Officials and superintendents:
544     Steam railroad
545     Street railroad
       Switchmen, flagmen, and yardmen:
547     Switchmen and flagmen--steam railroad
548     Switchmen and flagmen--street railroad
549     Yardmen--steam railroad
550 Ticket and station agents
       Express, post telegraph, and telephone, selected occupations:
552     Agents--express companies
           Express messengers and railway mail clerks:
554         Express messengers
555         Railway mail clerks
557     Mail carriers
559     Telegraph and telephone linemen
560     Telegraph messengers
562     Telegraph operators
564     Telephone operators
       Other transportation pursuits:
           Foremen and overseers, not otherwise specified:
566         Road and street building and repairing
567         Telegraph and telephone companies
568               Water transportation
569               Other transportation
570         Steam railroad
571         Street railroad
 572        Other transportation
       Laborers, not otherwise specified:
575     Road and street building and repairing
576     Street cleaning
577     Other transportation
       Proprietors, officials, and managers, not otherwise specified:
580     Telegraph and telephone companies
581     Other transportation
       Occupations, semiskilled:
585     Steam railroad
586     Street railroad
587     Other transportation 


       Bankers, brokers, and money lenders:
600     Bankers and bank officials
601     Commercial brokers and commission men
602     Loan brokers and loan company officials
603     Pawnbrokers
604     Stockbrokers
605     Brokers, n.s. and promoters
611 Clerks in stores
613 Commercial travelers
615 Decorators, drapers, and window dressers
620     Bakeries and laundries
622     Stores
       Floorwalkers, foremen, and overseers:
624     Floorwalkers and foremen in stores
625     Foremen, warehouses, stockyards, etc.
627 Inspectors, gaugers, and samplers
       Insurance agents and officials:
630     Insurance agents
631     Officials of insurance companies
       Laborers in coal and lumberyards, warehouses, etc.:
633     Coal yards
634     Elevators
635     Lumberyards
636     Stockyards
637     Warehouses
640 Laborers, porters, and helpers in stores
642 Newsboys
       Proprietors, officials, and managers, not otherwise specified:
644       Employment office keepers
645       Proprietors, etc., elevators
646       Proprietors, etc., warehouses
647       Other proprietors, officials, and managers
650 Real estate agents and officials
655 Retail dealers
       Salesmen and saleswomen:
663         Auctioneers
664         Demonstrators
665         Sales agents
666         Salesmen and saleswomen--stores
668 Undertakers
677 Wholesale dealers, importers, and exporters
       Other pursuits, semiskilled:
686        Fruit graders and packers
687        Meat cutters
688        Other occupations 


700 Firemen--fire department
702 Guards, watchmen, and doorkeepers
       Laborers--public service:
706     Garbage men and scavengers
707     Other laborers
       Marshals, sheriffs, detectives, etc.:
710     Detectives
711     Marshals and constables
712     Probation and truant officers
713     Sheriffs
       Officials and inspectors--city and county:
715     Officials and inspectors--city
716     Officials and inspectors--county
       Officials and inspectors--state and United States:
720     Officials and inspectors--state
721     Officials and inspectors--United States
725 Policemen
727 Soldiers, sailors, and marines
       Other pursuits:
730     Life-savers
731     Lighthouse keepers
732     Other occupations 


740 Actors
742 Architects
744 Artists, sculptors, and teachers of art
       Authors, editors, and reporters:
746     Authors
747     Editors and reporters
750 Chemists, assayers, and metallurgists
       Civil and mining engineers and surveyors:
752     Civil engineers and surveyors
753     Mining engineers
755 Clergymen
757 College presidents and professors
759 Dentists
       Designers, draftsmen, and inventors:
760     Designers
761     Draftsmen
762     Inventors
764 Lawyers, judges, and justices
766 Musicians and teachers of music
768 Photographers
770 Physicians and surgeons
772 Showmen
774     Teachers--athletics, dancing, etc.
775     Teachers--school
777 Trained nurses
779 Veterinary surgeons
780 Other professional pursuits
       Semiprofessional pursuits:
781     Abstractors, notaries, and justices of peace
782     Fortune tellers, hypnotists, spiritualists, etc.
783     Healers (except physicians and surgeons)
784     Keepers of charitable and penal institutions
785     Officials of lodges, societies, etc.
786     Religious and charity workers
787     Theatrical owners, managers, and officials
788     Other occupations
790 Attendants and helpers--professional service 


800 Barbers, hairdressers, and manicurists
802 Bartenders
       Billiard room, dance hall, skating rink, etc., keepers:
804     Billiard and pool room keepers
805     Dance hall, skating rink, etc., keepers
811 Boarding and lodging house keepers
813 Bootblacks
820 Charwomen and cleaners
822 Elevator tenders
830 Hotel keepers and managers
833 Housekeepers and stewards
835 Janitors and sextons
842 Laborers--domestic and professional service
844 Launderers and laundresses--not in laundry
846 Laundry operatives
848 Laundry owners, officials, and managers
       Midwives and nurses, not trained:
854     Midwives
855     Nurses, not trained
866 Porters (except in stores)
868 Restaurant, cafe, and lunch room keepers
870 Saloon keepers
873     Bell boys, chore boys, etc.
874     Chambermaids
875     Coachmen and footmen
876     Cooks
877     Other servants
888 Waiters
       Other pursuits:
895     Bathhouse keepers and attendants
896     Cemetery keepers
897     Cleaners and renovators--clothing, etc.
898     Umbrella menders and scissors grinders
899     Other occupants 


       Agents, canvassers, and collectors:
955     Agents
956     Canvassers
957     Collectors
966 Bookkeepers, cashiers, and accountants
       Clerks (except clerks in stores):
976     Shipping clerks
977     Other clerks
       Messenger, bundle, and office boys (except telegraph and telephone messengers):
987     Bundle and cash boys and girls
988     Messenger, errand, and office boys
999 Stenographers and typewriters 
1 Teamsters in agriculture, forestry, and the extraction of minerals are classified with the other workers in those industries, respectively; and drivers for bakeries and laundries are classified with deliverymen in trade.

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