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Hiromi Mizuno

Hiromi Mizuno

Department of History 941 HellerH 271 19th Ave S

Department Affiliations


  • modern Japan
  • intellectual and cultural history
  • cultural studies of science and technology
  • nationalism and colonialism
  • human rights and international laws
  • gender and sexuality


  • Hiromi Mizuno & Shigeru Nakayama. "Science and Nationalism" Special Issue of East Asian STS. Duke University, 2012.
  • Mizuno, Hiromi. Science for the Empire: Scientific Nationalism in Modern Japan. Stanford University Press,, 2008.
  • Mizuno, Hiromi. ""When Pacifist Japan Fights: Historicizing Desire in Anime"." Mechademia 2 (December 2007): 104-123.
  • Mizuno, Hiromi. "The Science Room as An Archive: Taisho Japan and WWI." The Decade of the Great War: Japan and the Wider World in the 1910s (forthcoming 2013)

Research Activities

  • Between Empires: Colonial Networks of Technology and Cold War Asia
  • Technological Nostalgia and Japanese Colonial Memory
  • Politics of Belonging: Population Policy in Postwar Japan
  • Japanese immigration to the Dominican Republic
  • Contradiction of Human Rights: "Comfort Women" and Statelessness

Professional Activities

  • Critical Asian Studies collaborative, the convener
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Featured Faculty

  • Prof. Ruggles Chosen to Lead Population Association of America (PAA)

    Prof. Steve Ruggles has been chosen president-elect of the Population Association of America (PAA) He will be the first historian ever to lead that organization (more typically its presidents have been sociologists or economists). Steve will serve as PAA president-elect in 2014 and president in 2015.

    This honor is recognition of the great work that Steve has done both in his own research and in supporting the work of other scholars through his work with the Minnesota Population Center. Congratulations, Prof. Ruggles!

    Learn more about the Population Association of America (PAA)

    March 15th, 2014
  • Digital Research Projects by HIST 3959 Students

    In Fall 2013, HIST 3959 - How to Do History was taught by Prof. Donna Gabaccia with a focus on digital history research projects. One additional feature of HIST 3959 this fall was that six graduate students earned graduate credit by working with the undergraduate groups as "project managers."

    Here is a sample of innovative projects from class:

    The Pacific Railroad Surveyors
    Jewish Life in 1930s/40s Minneapolis
    Why Public Education?
    Rustication in the Chinese Cultural Revolution
    Early Scandinavian Cartography
    Korea, Forgotten War?
    Political Leadership and Masculinity

    December 13th, 2013
  • Major Awards for History Profs. Kevin Murphy, Barbara Welke, Donna Gabaccia (2), Kay Reyerson, Elaine Tyler May

    It has been a season for great honors and accomplishments for our faculty. Congratulations to all!

    Donna Gabaccia is one of the recipients of the 2013 University Outstanding Community Service Award
    Donna Gabaccia has been awarded the Theodore Saloutos Memorial Book Award of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society for Foreign Relations: American Immigration in Global Perspective.
    Elaine Tyler May has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2013 by The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.
    Kevin Murphy is a 2013 recipient of the UofM's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education.
    Kay Reyerson has been awarded the Robert L. Kindrick-CARA Award for Outstanding Service to Medieval Studies by the Medieval Academy.
    Barbara Welke has been named one of the new Distinguished McKnight University Professors.

    April 3rd, 2013

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