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The University of Minnesota Graduate Program in History is a place where a diverse community of inquirers investigate, interrogate, and interpret the past. It is a collection of people with different passions, different ideas, and different visions of the world, but who share the conviction that the past is infinitely fascinating and surprising, and that the processes of examining it are occasions for individual growth and transformation. 

The administrative, financial, and institutional conditions of higher education are challenging these days, to say the least. Public institutions across the country are under enormous pressures, as the social and demographic conditions that fueled the boom in higher education in the postwar period have faded away. In the discipline of history, fields have proliferated in response to both new intellectual trends and new professional pressures, and at the same time, the job market for academic historians has contracted markedly in recent years.

These shifts and transformations require thoughtful and creative responses, and the faculty of the Department of History are dedicated to providing a multi-faceted graduate education that will offer students opportunities to grow into more insightful, thoughtful, and complete persons, teachers, and scholars. Many of our PhDs will find employment in higher education, but we also expect that a certain number of new PhDs will move into jobs with non-profits like foundations and museums. No matter your destination after graduation, we want the education you receive here to be transformative. We offer the chance both to deepen a passion, and also to discover new ways of thinking and doing. Explore our website and feel free to contact Rachel Ayers in the Graduate Studies Office,, or me directly at

One final thought. If you decide to apply to the program, please read carefully the description of what you might address in your Research Statement (#1), as described on the Application Materials Checklist page of our website. The questions there are intended to prompt your imagination and sharpen your focus. Additionally, before you include a diversity statement (#2) in your application, please remember that its purpose is to help the department understand the specific situations of students who might be eligible for certain grants and fellowships. You should consult these websites to see if you might be a good candidate for a DOVE fellowship (Diversity of Views and Experiences), or an ICGC fellowship (Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change). Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

Sarah Chambers
Director of Graduate Studies

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